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Entersoft Security, a leading application security provider helping businesses across fintech and blockchain technology, secure their applications, through future-ready solutions that help keep up with the changing technology landscape. Has built API Critique, after observing one in three hacks is either directly or indirectly related to APIs. To protect your APIs from being hacked by discovering critical vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do, API CRITIQUE is the world's first API penetration testing tool. It mirrors real-world attack scenarios and provides a detailed report including proof of vulnerability and an exhaustive knowledge base while assisting in bug fixing. Our strengths lie in assessing security risks, monitoring for threats, and safeguarding applications against compliance issues as well as the latest threats.


Led by ex-military intelligence and IIM-A Alumni, Entersoft brims with interesting twists on traditional ways of operating. Our team of certified White Hat Hackers with diverse backgrounds and from various parts of the world, carry an overall experience of 40 years in breaking applications apart. What makes us undeniably good is our core philosophy of getting the best minds in the business, measured by various standards conceptual creativity, speed, problem solving ability and brute force implementation. Our certifications speak about our expertise. Entersoft provides highly skilled and offensive white hat hackers who are fast, reliable and trustworthy. Our team holds world-class certifications.

  • OSCP Certified
  • ECSA certified
  • CEH Certified
  • GITC approved
  • ISO 27001 certified


  • Fintech award 2017
  • Fintech award
  • Fintech award  2016
  • inTeach

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